We discuss the F.D.A.'s threats toward Nestlé Corporation, their attempts to stop companies from using honest labeling, and armed raids against raw milk sellers. We also talk about the F.D.A.'s infringement of freedom of speech, and how they prevent supplement companies from making honest statements on their products. We tell people how to stop a heart attack naturally, give the common causes of sudden heart attacks and heart disease, list the many benefits of cayenne pepper, warn about the effects of vitamin C on tooth enamel and provide other dental tips. We explain how the medical establishment ignores medicines that do not produce toxic side-effects, because they maintain that only toxic products can be beneficial. We highlight the unethical practices of Horizon dairy company, and their intentional deception of health-conscious customers. We expose how the companies that are funding the cancer "cure" are the ones actually causing the cancers, particularly in the case of deodorants. We talk about the unique approval process being used for G.M.O. salmon, the dangers of homogenization, curing and preventing hangovers, and the government's increasing invasion of privacy, including Thomas' personal accolades with U.S. Census workers.


Time: 01:20:01   Size: 74 M.B.