In this audio report, we talk about the E.M.F. devices that are marketed to filter radiation from the air. We discuss major sources of radiation, such as "energy efficient" light bulbs. We expose the true nature of the allegedly natural food additive, xanthan gum. We talk about the real cause of indigestion, and how most alternative and mainstream health sources are completely wrong about it. We explain why antacids seem to work, whilst making the long-term problem worse. We provide legitimate solutions for eliminating indigestion immediately, and preventing it from reoccurring. We describe the safety and efficacy issues with the whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine, and discuss the scare tactics that have been used to terrorize parents into vaccinating their children. We then talk about the lack of science behind vaccines, and how the vaccines are causing diseases at a greater rate than they would occur naturally. We also mention the similar fraudulent science of the chickenpox vaccine. We warn about the devastating effect that socialized medicine will have on the health of Americans. We discuss how most bacteria has mutated to be resistant to antibiotics, and the dirty little secret that the pharmaceutical industry has been hiding about antibiotics all along. We talk about how the World Trade Organization is trying to prevent Americans from putting country of origin labels on meats. We discuss how this United Nations group orchestrated it as part of its agenda to bring about a socialistic one-world government.


Time: 01:00:35   Size: 28 M.B.