In this show, we expose how almost everything that you have been told about heart health is wrong. We discuss the importance of fats for curing heart disease, and talk about how cholesterol is not really a menace. We cover all facets of heart health, including disease, nutrition, and lifestyle. We provide this information in plain English, skipping all of the lingo that is used by doctors to silence meaningful discourse. In order to fully encompass heart conditions, we talk about nutrition and supplementation in more depth than we ever have before. We provide a little-known method of determining the likelihood of heart attacks, and warn about the serious dangers of mainstream testing procedures and treatments. This could be the most important audio show that you ever hear, because heart disease is the number one killer of the civilized world, and this gives listeners all of the information that they need to prevent or reverse it.


Time: 01:08:52   Size: 30 M.B.