We discuss how the so-called "War on Drugs" is a farce, and its real purpose is to benefit the pharmaceutical industry in blocking access to painkillers to private citizens. What is really being outlawed is the competition of alternative medicine. We discuss the true history of the drug wars, starting with the first one in China in the 1400's, and how the very first addictions were fostered by the original pharmaceutical industry as a means of social control. We describe how it was once normal to grow opium and cannabis, and how America's Founding Fathers played key roles in making drugs available to all citizens which have since been made illegal. We outline how each of the illegal drugs was once prescribed, and existed as part of mainstream medicine. We talk about how drugs have been made addictive intentionally by the pharmaceutical industry, and we warn about a new practice wherein inmates are forced to take addictive psychiatric drugs. Finally, we discuss the methods through which doctors terrorize patients into compliance, and the psychological fear games that they use to prevent alternatives from being employed. We also discuss the sad cases wherein we are asked to help friends and relatives, who are too afraid to accept the help.


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