We were joined by Brian Humphreys, who shared the story of his struggle to restore his mother's health.The medical establishment transformed hypothyroidism and a case of Lyme Disease into a deadly combination. All reasonable treatment options were institutionally ignored -- going so far as to even deny the patient access to vitamin C. After a variety of hospitals and doctors, Brian came to suspect that there was a secret agenda within the establishment, as medical professionals quietly worked to sabotage Virginia's recovery, while seeking permission to let her die. They began using the police and social services to force the execution of his mother through starvation. They eventually won by vindictively refusing a medication that they had made her depend upon, by their other treatments in the distant past. This episode catalogs the policy of euthanizing the elderly, which is rampant throughout the medical industry, nursing homes, and hospices. The show concludes with a fascinating discussion about colloidal silver and Brian's colloidal silver business, the Purevon company. We discuss the aspects of colloidal silver that Brian is not allowed to comment about due to F.D.A. regulations.


Time: 01:56:37   Size: 54 M.B.

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