This episode catalogs how the pharmaceutical industry tightly colludes with the legal system to cover up crimes that were caused by S.S.R.I. anti-depressants and other psychiatric drugs. This report chronicles a real world example; with testimony from someone who has been persecuted for the sake of protecting the drug companies and their agenda of ensuring that the drugs are never put on trial. As has become a pattern, our guest began his tribulations with the use of an anti-depressant, and then graduated into the next stage of his nightmare, by being awoken to the sound of a fatal gunshot. In this eerily familiar story, he snapped back into reality not even knowing how the gun had gotten into his hand. This story centers around an effect of these psychiatric drugs that is called akathisia, which is like sleep walking; only it is a psychotic form of unconsciousness. We discuss with Kurt Danysh his problems with the legal system and the psychiatric establishment in overcoming their suppression of his story, and some of the surprising reasons why they do it. Kurt founded the S.A.V.E. Project to help others avoid his fate. We also spoke about some of the cases in which young psychiatric patients and children are being incarcerated, for crimes that they did not mean to commit and do not remember. Kurt describes how the bizarre anti-depressant drug withdrawal, commonly called "discontinuation syndrome", is much worse than the drugs' main side effects.


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