The 4D Chess of Trump and Reagan

Pravda Newspaper Israel's anti-missile defense system, known as the "Iron Dome", is based on Reagan's "Star Wars" defense system.

Democrats are nothing if not consistent. They didn't want to protect Americans thirty-plus years ago and they still don't want to protect Americans in the Trump Era. They were ferociously opposed to President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative, which would have protected America from ballistic missiles, and they are now ferociously opposing President Trump's border wall, which would protect Americans.

The Strategic Defense Initiative (dubbed the "Star Wars defense system" by the media) was meant to be a defense against the Soviet Union's ballistic missiles. It was, in retrospect, a brilliant idea, and it was a major part of Reagan's arms race that eventually forced the Soviet Union to its knees.

Of course, when it was announced, liberals, Democrats and the media howled in indignation, demanded that Reagan give it up and said, even if he didn't, it wouldn't work and was too costly. Do those arguments sound familiar in today's political landscape? We've heard the same type of arguments against the border wall by the same groups. Once you're in a rut of being wrong, it's hard to break out of it. There is another parallel between the proponents of Star Wars/border wall and their elitist opponents. Namely, it is the sheer simplicity of the plans.

Stu Spencer, a political strategist, explained why President Reagan was at once so popular with the general public and so despised by elitists. "Reagan's solutions to problems were always the same as the guy in the bar."

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Silicon Valley's Axis of Evil

WW2 PosterFrom their sprawling headquarters in California's Silicon Valley, companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are displaying a propensity and willingness to discriminate, which we would ordinarily associate with the totalitarian regimes of the Islamic nations and communism.

Google has become the defacto gateway to information for virtually the entire world. It wields the power to make and break people, politicians, and companies. It is not shy about using that power for evil. Arguably, its most insidious behavior is often hidden in plain sight. Namely, this is its discriminatory autocomplete feature. Type "lies told" into a browser and the first two autocomplete results are "by Trump" and "about Obama". Perhaps the sheer number of "lies told" results for "about Trump" searches and "by Hillary" broke Google's algorithms, or maybe it is just suppression of conservative views. Google's top ten autocomplete suggestions for "lies told" include "in the Bible", "on Fox News", "by President Trump", "by Donald Trump", "by Sarah Huckabee Sanders", and "by Brett Kavanaugh". An overwhelming 80% of the results have a leftist, pro-Democrat, and anti-Republican bias.

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Conservative Patriot: You Are Not Alone

Trump RallySince its most recent presidential election, the United States of America has indelibly produced some unfortunate images. This is largely thanks to media, both mainstream and social, which perpetuates the messages of the loudest, most persistent, and most shocking members of society. They have shown us the lunatic woman on her knees, screaming up at the sky, as if she were in agony during the presidential inauguration; hats that are meant to resemble the sexual parts of female anatomy; celebrities spouting the most profane hatred for a democratically elected president and absolutely anyone who is brazen enough to support him. To outsiders looking in, America has become easy to mock. The nation appears to have become a collective of faux-rebellious teenagers, who can perpetually be found screaming at the supposed injustice of them not getting their way for once; despite them being the world's most entitled people. Those same outsiders might feel befuddled by what devious manipulations must have led to a Trump presidency in the first place. After all, the entire country seems opposed to his 'fascist' regime.

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What Women Really Want: Real Men

Most women are attracted to masculine men. It should not be a controversial statement, but in today's political climate, it is enough to send some people into hysterics.

Vocal, radical feminists have turned "masculinity" into a dirty word and being male into an unforgivable sin. A man can hardly live one day of his life without committing several infractions against the laws of feminism. Assertively taking charge of a situation, voicing his opinion, or holding a job that he enjoys are now crimes against supposedly less-privileged women and minorities.

Clearly, if so many women were vehemently opposed to everything masculine, they would prioritize finding feminine traits in their potential partners, right? Not so. If anything, the enticing taboo about having manly traits has created something of a fetish for hyper-masculinity.

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Legacy Media Manipulates the Immigration Debate by Selective Omissions

Pravda Newspaper Pravda: The Soviet newspaper that was dedicated to keeping Russians uninformed for the power of a single party. It meant 'truth'.

"Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn't know because they might reflect badly on Democrats," a PJ Media reporter, Jim Treacher, wrote some time ago. Some one-liners reveal only hollowness and stupidity. Others are almost sublime in their truthfulness and they become even more accurate over time. Treacher's comment is in the latter category. Today's journalists must be quick with shovels because, as Treacher noted, modern reporters have become little more than Democrat operatives with bylines, who must bury facts that embarrass 'progressives'. Nothing proves Treacher's comment more than the minimal news coverage that most outlets gave to the murdering of Californian police officer, Corporal Ronil Singh, during the last week of 2018.

A few hours past Christmas of 2018, the 33-year-old officer was shot to death after stopping a suspected drunken driver, Gustavo Perez Arriaga. Perez Arriaga, an illegal alien, was later arrested after having fled the scene.

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Colonel Baldwin Meets Mr. Lincoln

Colonel John Brown Baldwin

"I supported President Lincoln. I believed his war policy would be the only way to save the country, but I see my mistake. I visited Washington a few weeks ago, and I saw the corruption of the present administration -- and so long as Abraham Lincoln and his Cabinet are in power, so long will war continue. And for what? For the preservation of the Constitution and the Union? No, but for the sake of politicians and government contractors."1

-- J.P. Morgan, American financier and banker, 1864.

The assertion that Lincoln genuinely attempted to avoid war has been preached since General Lee's surrender at Appomattox. The testimony of a Southern peace representative who spoke with Lincoln on April 4, 1861, in an effort to avert war provides keen insight into a side of the issue seldom heard or taught.2 Some historians dismiss the importance of the meeting between Lincoln and Colonel John Brown Baldwin, but it is beyond dispute the meeting happened and pivotal issues were seriously discussed. On February 10, 1866, Baldwin testified before the Joint Committee on Reconstruction in Washington, D.C. His comments appeared in a pamphlet published in 1866 by the Staunton Speculator and he provided his account to a fellow Confederate in 1865 just prior to the end of the war.

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Seeking a Better and More Open Internet That is Less Censored

The Free Market Era of the Internet has passed, at least in the categories where freedom matters most. These losses include the freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of personal privacy, and increasingly the freedom of religion too, in the case of Christians. Political speech, in particular, has been under attack; especially for conservatives. George Washington on FacebookThe major Internet companies are actively working together to suppress speech and organizations that are politically incorrect, and then they justify this behavior as a noble suppression of "hate speech". The censorship campaign began immediately after the election of Donald Trump (U.S.), when elitist software company executives concluded that the problem with our society was that the citizens were too well informed, so democracy had to be thwarted for the sake of manipulating future elections. They perpetuate this conspiracy even as they repeat the mantra that Donald Trump's supporters somehow manipulated the election, in what is a case of projected denial, in much the same way that certain criminals will point to an innocent third-party exclaiming, "he's the real killer".

It's one big technology cartel that now conspires against society. Its members include Microsoft (Bing), Google, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The whole affair began at a secret meeting with the ADL, which is the self-appointed hate police of the Internet. It is important to keep in perspective that what they call "hate speech" is just about anything that is patriotic or politically conservative.

As it stands, user accounts are being pulled from the most popular commentators at various social media sites, and others are just getting threats. Sometimes comments or videos are silently removed, as if nobody would notice. Sometimes subscribers are secretly unsubscribed, or "hate speech" videos no longer appear in any search results. At YouTube, we've not only seen our videos more-or-less disappear, but for the "watched" counter number to go backward, as if many of the viewers were somehow unwatching our videos. Plenty of people thought that we were crazy or simply full of ourselves when we first reported that gross censorship was happening. However, the story is finally getting out into the mainstream. Some of the better of big media organizations, such as Fox News, have actually reported about it.

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Explaining the Doomsday Cult of Global Warming

Was it God, or the carbon emissions from heating Al Gore's swimming pool? It was found that Al Gore's home guzzles more electricity in one year than the average American family uses in 21 years.

Doomsday cults have existed since the dawn of time, and the global warming panic is the most widespread doomsday cult in existence today. People have been donning sackcloths, smothering their faces in ash, and heading out to the deserts to be swept away in a purge of cataclysmic fury that ultimately never came, since time immemorial. The big media houses like to showcase the small practitioners of the apocalyptic philosophy today, like the itinerant preacher with dozens of followers in California, or even David Koresh in Texas with a compound filled with devotees. Alas, the biggest doomsday cult of them all, so large that it seemingly goes unnoticed as a cult, is the nutty, world-is-melting if we all do not repent and change our ways, cult of global warming.

This cult has grown to be so large and convincing for several reasons. One reason is that we are encouraged by our media organizations to emancipate ourselves from organized religion, in that we are impelled to become agnostic, or an atheist. They are just as happy with us becoming 'spiritual', which is either something new age or pagan, and is likely to involve crystals. The important common denominator is that we must migrate as far away from Christian tradition as possible. The majority of Americans, either at their own inclination, or at the urging of popular culture and education, have done so. So many of the self-described atheists and "casual independents" no longer feel compelled to attend church, but they still unconsciously possess a calling, as it is hard-wired into our humanity. This is a vacuum which is soon filled with yoga, cross-fit, diet crazes, athletics, celebrities, or a need for more government. In place of St. Ignatius, they have Brangelina. Instead of Jesus, they have Obama. The desire to belong to something bigger than ourselves through which we can instantaneously identify with others, without having to do any of the work of getting to know them, finding out their preferences, inclinations, and habits is a desire that is fundamental to human nature it seems. So many survey respondents who claim they're 'not really religious' possess an emptiness that is waiting to be filled.

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The Great Californian Exodus

Memorial to those who died trying to escape communism over the Berlin wall The California public education system may be responsible for the state's utter ignorance of the lessons of history. This was a Berlin Wall memorial, which was dedicated to Peter Fecter, an 18-year-old man who was fatally shot while attempting to escape to freedom in the West. People never willingly flee to a socialistic state.

Anyone who is yet to realize that leftism is attempting to destroy America as we know it should examine how the far left has unabashedly warped the state of California. America is on the verge of a civil war. It will not be fought along geographical lines, but cultural ones. The same treacherous ideology that is consuming the bulk of Europe has been at play in the Golden State for far too long. Giant technology companies that lined the deep pockets of California are poised to abandon it, as are many of the small businesses, which have been struggling most to survive under the massive burden of obscene taxation, regulation, and the litigious nature of the California courts. The "white flight" that happened in the metropolitan areas of England and throughout Europe are now in full swing in California. When both middle class and affluent citizens have completed their mass exodus from California toward the freedoms of the more conservative states, there will be virtually nobody left to pay for the governmental benefits of California's nanny state, of which a significant portion of the state's residents live on.

Paul Chabot, a two-time congressional candidate in California was defeated by Pete Aguilar in November of 2016. Chabot inflamed liberal ire after releasing "Terrorist Hunting Permits" as part of his campaign literature. After his loss, Chabot decided to pursue his dream of serving the public in another way, by launching Conservative Move. It is an organization specializing in helping Americans to relocate from leftist states, like California, to states where their rights are respected, their beliefs are not mocked, and the populace is not threatened by American patriotism. Chabot launched Conservative Move after relocating his own family to Texas, in the beginning of 2017. The former congressional hopeful said that he wanted to help decent families to find new opportunities and offer them the guidance that he would have appreciated during his own exodus from California.

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Man-Up To Third-Wave Feminists

A psychotic feministWhat do women really want and how can men give that to them? This question is so commonplace that no one ever stops to question why it is that we so often ask it. In fact, if one pays attention, he begins to notice that there is an entire romance industry of flowers, diamonds, and pearls based on the premise. Perhaps the entire economy is founded on that premise. Yet, the commonsensical and corresponding question of what men want and how women can please them is becoming nearly unacceptable to ask.

The sexual dynamic is a subjective interplay that applies to each person differently. In this regard, it is the opposite of the law, which attempts to be an impartial, objective standard that applies equally to all. Law strives to be abstract and impersonal, while sexual dynamics are personal and hotblooded. One is objective and based on principles. The other is arbitrary and based on tingles. Third-wave feminism, with its confounding attempts to legislate attraction and courtship, has proven to be a beguiling disaster in this arena. This is because one cannot codify the unspoken vagaries of attraction and innuendo.

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