The Truth About NozinDo you get tired of being lied to?  We do.  It is perpetually astounding how deceptive the health industry is, and its deceptions often have murderous consequences in the long term.  Sometimes we feel like giving up in this health information war, but knowing that we have readers relying on us for the truth keeps us going, despite the nauseating charades that we must wade through to find the truth.

Being advertised everywhere on the Internet is Nozin Nasal Sanitizer.  It is another chemical product cunningly being purporting as scientifically validated, and inferred to be natural.  We've heard these before, and any doubts about the truthfulness of these claims can easily be verified by the difficulty in finding the ingredients list.  Why would they hide the ingredients of this "safe", "scientifically proven", and "homeopathic" product?  Feel free to take the 'Find The Ingredients Challenge' at their website, which will eventually remind you of the old 'how to keep an idiot busy for hours challenges.

How about that scientific validation?  That, of course, came from their own corporate studies, which released whatever information they chose to release, without any real peer review.  In other words, it's based on F.D.A. Science, and our readers ought to know what that means by now.

"Fight germs for hours!  Helps reduce the risk of infection.  Great for travelers.  Fresh citrus scent.  Easy to apply.  Long acting.  Clinically proven to be safe and effective.  Use before entering: planes, trains, offices, school, theaters, gyms.  Works up to 8 hours.  Kills 99.9% of most common disease causing germs.  Defense that makes sense.  Homeopathic."


It is worth noting that previously this product was 90% effective, but since sales needed improvement, the scientific results suddenly shot up to 99.9%.  Perhaps if sales still do not improve, then it will be proven to be at least 457.99% effective.  In other words, it will make your grandchildrens' grandchildren immune from illnesses.  This is exactly like dealing with the pharmaceutical companies, and I'm sure there is at least one involved here.  Only colloidal silver has results reaching the 99% level.

At one point, the F.D.A. began action against this company for marketing the lie that this product prevents Swine Flu.  Learning of the F.D.A. doing the right thing is proof positive that we are in the end days.

In addition to explicitly claiming that this is a natural product, the whole "homeopathic" thing is, as the marketers knew, already associated in consumers' minds with being 'alternative', and therefore 'natural'.  The product is actually none of the above.  Homeopathic remedies (which we never recommend) treat illnesses using symptom stimulants.  For instance, a fever might be treated with even more hot blankets.  Another example of homeopathic medicine is using vaccines with diseases inside of them to supposedly prevent diseases.  Another example is treating cancer with cancer-causing radiation.  The allopathic medical establishment itself is homeopathic, except for when it uses immunosuppressants (symptom suppressants).

There are a couple of strong similarities between Nozin Nasal Sanitizer and homeopathic medicine: both rely on chemical poisons, and both are about as likely to effect a cure or prevention as a placebo.

As in the case of the "homeopathic" Nozin Nasal Sanitizer, and official homeopathic remedies, the F.D.A. allows medical claims to be made, because these claims discredit legitimate alternative medicines in the minds of the public.  It's a very dirty game, and it is literally your life at stake.

The Ingredients

Active Ingredients USP Ethyl Alcohol (50%)
Inactive Ingredients Citrus Sinensis (1X), Simmondsia Chinensis, Glycine Soja, Cocos Nucifera, Lauric Acid, Benzalkonium Chloride, BHT, Vitamin E


The label 'Inactive Ingredients' is a misnomer, and an intentional one.  It is the sleight-of-hand used by the chemical companies to manipulate you into ignoring ingredients that you would normally find unacceptable.  You see, 'active' merely means that it is the ingredient added which is intended to create the desired effect.  This does not mean the other ingredients do not absorb into the body just as greatly, or that they do not react with the body to the same or greater degree.  In fact, showing just how deceptive the Nozin Nasal Sanitizer people are, the inactive ingredients in this product do much more than the so-called "active" ingredient.  Consider that alcohol is known to evaporate extremely rapidly, and then combine this with the fact that there is respiration being blown over it whenever this product is used as recommended, causing the alcohol to be almost immediately gone.  For all intents and purposes, the "active ingredient" (alcohol) does nothing, because it only exists for a matter of seconds.  The other "inactive ingredients" (the ones you're supposed to overlook), are in an oil solution which binds the chemicals together, whilst they sink through the skin, and directly into the bloodstream over a period of hours.  Additionally, the chemical fumes are absorbed through respiration.  Before we elaborate, go back and review that list again in amazement.

The truth is the highly toxic benzalkonium chloride is actually acting as the active ingredient -- killing everything in contact with it -- and the alcohol is just a (tincture) solvent to combine the other ingredients. (We is supposed to be too stupid to notice the sleight-of-hand.)

Let's examine that "all natural" and "homeopathic" benzalkonium chloride.  It is highly toxic to fish.  Solutions can be deadly if taken internally.  It is an allergen.  Many studies have cast doubt on its safety as a disinfectant.  It is most commonly used as a 'phase transfer agent' in chemistry.  A disinfectant containing this chemical was found to be a primary cause of birth defects in caged mice.  Benzene may cause drying and cracking of the skin.  It has been known to cause death by asphyxiation, respiratory arrest, CNS depression, and cardiac dysrhythmia.  People have experienced dangerous hematologic toxicity such as anemia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, or pancytopenia after chronic exposure.  Other consequences to benzalkonium exposure are paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, a disorder in which the breakdown of the red blood cells is accelerated and results in bleeding into the urine during sleep, cytogenetic abnormalities of bone marrow cells and circulating lymphocytes, and abnormalities like those observed after exposure to ionizing radiation.

That's not all!  How about that "homeopathic" B.H.T.?

B.H.T. is Butylated Hydroxytoluene.  In the 1970's, Benjamin Feingold, a San Francisco M.D. who created the Feingold Diet, showed that B.H.T. caused Attention Deficit Disorder in children.  It has been steadily replaced by food manufacturers in many products since then.  It is a carcinogen.

How about Glycine Soja?  This is basically a soy bean derivative, and if you have been following, then you know how bad this stuff is for you.

We are going to stop here. This is just too sickening to write about anymore, and we suspect that all of our readers have a clear picture about this garbage.  Remember: buyer beware.  Feel free to send us your questions about health products, and we shall investigate them.


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