The Kurt Danysh case is one that we have covered repeatedly, both in Naturally Good Magazine, and on this website.  For those who have missed our articles, Kurt is currently incarcerated for fatally shooting his beloved father.  This happened just 17 days after his first dose of Prozac.  There was no motive for the crime, and his character changed dramatically in the days leading up to this tragic event.  He has since been proven by D.N.A. testing to be unable to metabolize Prozac properly.  None of this information was available to him at the time of his trial in 1996.

We have had several encounters with District Attorney Jason Legg, of Susquehanna County, PA; whereby he has attempted to convince us that Kurt is guilty, and that antidepressants did not play a role in the murder, and that the court's further drugging of Kurt did not influence his "confession".

In our latest correspondence, Mr. Legg provided us with a packet of public record documents from Kurt's case.  If we ever had doubts about being on the right side in this case, then we definitely have none now.  We have updated our Kurt Danysh page accordingly, and we encourage you to read our new findings.

Read it now: The Pharmaceutical Tragedy of Kurt Danysh

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