Cayenne pepper is a herb which should be added to foods whenever possible. Cayenne's benefits to the digestive system, circulatory system, and the heart have earned it the nickname "miracle herb". Some have used it to aid with weight loss, due to its ability to boost the metabolism. Cayenne pepper was first used as a stimulant by the Cherokee Indians. It is most notable for its effect upon the cardiovascular system. Cayenne has been known to stop heart attacks within 30 seconds when taken orally.

The benefits of cayenne usage were first reported by Dr. David Christopher, a naturopathic doctor who spent most of his life discovering and promoting alternatives to pharmaceutical medications. He spent his career being persecuted for challenging the establishment. He is the most noted pioneer in the use of cayenne pepper as medicine. Dr. Christopher was so instrumental in promoting cayenne in the naturalistic, nutritional, and herbal communities that he is sometimes referred to as "Dr. Cayenne".

Recent clinical studies have been conducted on many of the old time health applications for this miracle herb. Again and again, the therapeutic value of cayenne pepper has been medically validated.

-- Dr. Patrick Quillin

Cayenne has been used medically for thousands of years, and most nations outside the Americas use such herbs as part of their standard protocols. These countries always have better results. In fact, the U.S. is ranked 38th in life expectancy, which places the U.S. health care system below Cuba's, South Korea's, Costa Rica's, Guadeloupe's, Singapore's, and 32 other nations, according to an investigative report by Mother Jones Magazine. It is worth noting that these countries do not have an organization like the F.D.A. to suppress truly conventional medicine on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry.

Why Everyone Should Use Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne should be used daily by anyone who has problems with his heart or blood pressure, because it is beneficial to both. Unlike pharmaceuticals, cayenne pepper helps blood pressure regardless of whether it is initially high or initially low, because it relaxes blood vessels, while causing the heart to beat more efficiently. These dual actions practically guarantee circulation improvement, regardless of the pre-existing condition. It is the difference between man's and God's medicine. Cayenne does what the 'experts' claim is impossible.

Its main medical applications are: weak digestion, chronic pain, shingles, heart disease, sore throats, headaches, high cholesterol levels, poor circulation, blood pressure issues, heart attacks, and toothaches. The use of cayenne has been attributed to the following benefits in patients: dissolving plaque in the arteries, improving heart efficiency, relaxing blood vessels, increasing metabolism, it helps the body to eliminate scar tissue after heart attacks, eliminates pain when applied topically, produces endorphins to enhance mood, eliminates shock, eliminates cluster headaches and in some cases, treats migraine headaches, fights cancer, provides partial relief of sinus problems and congestion, is anti-inflammatory, causes weight loss, prevents blood clots, reduces serum cholesterol, reduces triglycerides, reduces platelet aggregation, alleviates muscles spasms, cramps, and bowel pain, and it will rapidly cure sore throat infections when used in a gargle. It is a gift from God, in other words.

Cayenne pepper can be purchased in convenient capsule form at health food stores for people who wish to use it as a supplement. We always recommend avoiding regular retailers for supplements.

It is popular to use cayenne that is infused in warm water. Some people add half a teaspoon of cayenne to 8 ounces of water or tea, and then they gradually increase the amount of cayenne as their tolerance grows. In sufficient amounts, it can kill gastrointestinal parasites.

For the best emergency treatment of heart problems, cayenne should be mixed with taurine and held in the mouth, before swallowing. Do not forgo immediate emergency medical attention in the event of a heart attack.


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Ellen Wedding
# Ellen Wedding 2011-01-28 23:48
Cant tell
. Does the cayenne pepper coated side of the wet rag , face up or should the cayenne side come on contact with the skin????
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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2011-02-02 09:56
The cayenne should touch the skin.
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Delerie Shields
# Delerie Shields 2012-12-07 13:46
Can the Cayenne Pepper be used in soup instead of water or tea?
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Preben Jensen
# Cayenne Pepper usagePreben Jensen 2013-02-22 18:31
Like the write up and would like to know how to take it e.g. daily. I.e. how much and mixed with what or ? Thanks
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2013-02-25 02:15
That will vary from one individual to another, and will depend on the manner in which you supplement. People with chronic heart problems may wish to purchase it in supplement form, whilst those who are using it preventatively may simply wish to include it in foods, and perhaps make a cayenne tea with it.
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thelma murdock
# help with cholesterolthelma murdock 2013-04-06 11:40
my primary m.d. wants me to start taking cholesterol medication. which I know could affect my liver. Are there any natural remedies that could help me? Thx
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Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2013-04-06 17:04
Yes. There are always options. You may find this article interesting:
The Big One: Naturally Preventing and Curing Heart Disease (
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alan dietrich
# alan dietrich 2013-10-31 13:28
4 years ago I started using cayenne pepper for blood pressure. I was able to stop taking the prescription med my Dr. had me on in 3 mos. The capsules are cheap..I don't know if I can plug a vitamin company, but I have limited resources and have researched online vitamin companies.I found Puratin Pride, and Swanson to have consistently good quality. Puratin Pride usually has buy one get one free, sometimes 2 or 3 free. Sites like Wyse Report are a great service to those of us who are elderly,on limited incomes, or just interested in alternatives. A ture show of faith in Our Lord Jesus..
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Diane Butler
# Cayenne, a life saver!!!Diane Butler 2015-05-23 14:37
Hi, I'm new to this site, but let me tell you, I found out about Cayenne about 30 years ago, and I believe it has saved my life. I began taking it to kill Candida (had the syndrome), which it helped to cure. But I also had pain in the chest, and high blood pressure (at age 30, I weighed 130). My mother died from heart disease at age 64 (she was a smoker, overweight) so I was concerned, and went to heart doctors, and they found nothing wrong. I kept taking the cayenne, about 6 capsules a day. I felt better, and I have kept taking it, now 4 capsule a day. I believe it has kept me from having a stroke, & heart problems. I occasionally tried to get off of my Lisinopril, but every time I tried, my high blood pressure would spike up. So I stayed on it, no side effects, anyway. Cayenne is such a powerful little flame, it protects in so many cooling ways. I LOVE IT.
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Kevin Foot
# Cayenne for ulcersKevin Foot 2017-12-06 17:43
I'm curious if you've ever heard of using Cayenne to heal ulcers with?
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Laura Melvin
# Cayenne Pepper for strokeLaura Melvin 2020-08-06 03:59
I have used cayenne pepper in the past for what I believe undoubtedly to be stroke symptoms. I am not sure what type of stroke it was but the cayenne pepper absolutely stopped it twice (two separate strokes) in less than a minute, the symptoms completely subsided. The most recent stroke, I couldn’t see out of my left eye all of a sudden (except for here or there) and when I looked in the mirror my left eye was looking up towards my nose while my right eye was straight, also I had some trouble walking, so I went straight to the kitchen and dumped about two tablespoons of cayenne pepper in a shot glass and added water, in less than a minute later I could see again and my eyes were aligned again, I could also walk straight again. I’m fairly young to be having strokes (33 years old and I’m not overweight but I smoke and my diet is poor). Cayenne pepper has saved me for sure from permanent brain damage!
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