There has been massive controversy over rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone), and the arguments have not been limited to the safety implications surrounding this artificially produced hormone. Involved corporations and corrupt regulators have worked to stop us from knowing which milk contains growth hormones. The war over rBGH labeling is mostly lost. Monsanto (the manufacturer) fought hard to prevent us from knowing how most milk is produced. Thankfully, many dairy farmers and some major companies stood up for what is right. Walmart, Kroger, PET and certain other major companies pledged to sell only milk that has never been exposed to rBGH. It is rare that we have an opportunity to applaud large corporations, but the above group earned it.

State lawmakers, particularly those in Pennsylvania, tried to prevent any labeling of milk that did not contain rBGH. They knew that companies using rBGH would certainly never label their milk as such. They knew that consumers would avoid the rBGH-tainted milk, and some of the governmental cronies involved wanted to help Monsanto and friends ensure that we were not able to avoid it. They colluded to make tainted milk the greatest part of the milk supply before the public had any opportunity to refuse it, so that its use would be practically impossible to undo. Public outrage managed to stop such laws from being signed.

As a result of lengthy legal battles, milk products which bear the purity labels must also bear an F.D.A. disclaimer stating that there is no difference between the two forms of milk. The required labeling actually claims that the milk containing the ingredient that was intentionally added to manipulate hormones is identical to milk that is absolutely pure of this artificial hormone, which it isn't. It should be very clear who the F.D.A. is working for, and that the biotechnology damage control apparatus is in full motion.

Fox television station WTVT in Tampa, Florida almost aired an investigative report about the health implications of rBGH-tainted milk, but it backed-down at the last minute, and desperately tried to silence its own reporters. Journalists Jane Akre and Steve Wilson were fired after refusing to change their investigative report on Posilac, a reconstituted bovine growth hormone (rBGH) made by Monsanto. They had documented the health risks of drinking milk containing the synthetic hormone, but when threatened with legal action from Monsanto, the Fox station demanded that all negative effects be edited out (a whopping 83 edits) so that the story would become a Monsanto advertisement. A court eventually threw out Akre's whistle-blower lawsuit after deciding that falsifying news is not actually a violation of any U.S. law. Fox News then ran a story about how it had been "vindicated", because it had been given approval to falsify news. We recommend watching the documentary, The Corporation, for the whole story.

In a sense, we lost the war over rBGH, because companies must now lie on their products to protect Monsanto profits, a corporation which routinely buys our news media and rents governmental agencies.

The convenient claim that there is no significant difference between tainted and untainted milk is patently false, and the effects upon human health are one reason why rBGH is banned throughout most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Japan. Monsanto's rBGH causes cancer in human beings. It is worth noting that its effects are also cruel to the animals. This rBGH affair is just one of dozens of reasons why Monsanto is widely regarded as the most evil corporation in the world.

Health Wyze Media would support a ban on rBGH, but more importantly, we support full and honest labeling of all products. We would love to see the better companies placing "fluoride free" labels on their "from concentrate" juices and soft drinks. Honest labeling is about a basic right of all people to have freedom of choice.

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