From: Thomas Corriher
Subject: Re: Thank You!
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2010 15:34:32 -0400 (EDT)

"I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to trying to educate others on topics that seem to be hush-hush.  I am a 25 year old mother of a 2 1/2 year old daughter.  My husband was in the Army (thus of course vaccinated) and I was fully vaccinated as a child.

"When I was pregnant with my daughter, we researched natural childbirth and decided on the Bradley Method.  We decided to have a home birth, chose a home birth midwife, but still saw a OBGYN.  Big mistake.  I was found to have GD, then was "required" to take NST twice a week and they wanted to put me on insulin.  After much research and 1 horrible NST I was done.  I refused insulin (my GD was controlled by diet they were just afraid my numbers would get worse), refused to do any more NST, refused to let them induce me at 38 weeks (cause they were afraid my baby would be too big) and was subsequently dropped as a patient at 35 weeks pregnant.

"I was furious and scared.  But boy! am I glad now! I had an amazing home birth and gave birth to a perfectly healthy 7lb 5oz little girl after only 7 hours of labor.  We let the cord stop pulsating before cutting :)  My daughter has never been vaccinated, she has been on antibiotics once (because of my own fear) at the age of 2 months for an ear infection.  She is the healthiest, smartest little girl we know.  She is 30 months old but is at a 4 year olds level developmentally.

"I have been having lots of discussions lately on our choice not to vaccinate and have been shocked by some of the things said to me.  Like by not vaccinating I am counting on all those who do vaccinate to keep my child healthy.  Are you kidding me???   Why would I try to educate others if I need them to lean on??

"I am thankful for your site and for finding it.  Keep up the good work!"

I like how modern doctors "drop" their troublesome patients (the ones who think for themselves).  It's all about "compliance", which is becoming a favorite buzzword throughout medical circles.  We're seeing it all the time now.  The sheer arrogance is astounding, but plenty of people just keep coming back for more.  You didn't: to your credit.  It's like a typical abusive relationship, in which "compliant" patients just keep enabling their abusers by begging for more.  The main difference is that abuse coming from the medical establishment is far more deadly and twisted.  Let's not forget that prosecutions are much less likely too.

A good reply to your attackers would be something like, "The health of my child will not be sacrificed for the benefit of your false sense of security", and mention that you have a responsibility for the health of your own children, not theirs.  If the vaccines are so effective in protecting their children, then why are they so afraid that your child might become ill?  Aren't their children protected and healthy from all those vaccines, after all?  Perhaps you should mention that people who are vaccinated tend to have many more routine illnesses, allergy problems, asthma, cancer, Alzheimer's, and more chronic life long diseases; and frankly, people like you are tired of paying high rates to clean-up the messes that people like them have made of their lives.  Finally, I'd ask those people to demonstrate one epidemic (JUST ONE) that a vaccine halted, which was not already ending by its natural cycle.  Take Polio for example: the epidemic generally ended faster in countries which did not have any vaccines.  In some cases, the vaccines even caused Polio in a much worse form, and it was practically always fatal.  Funny how these things never get reported.  It's almost enough to make us believe that there could be an agenda at play.


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