Allen Smith receiving medical care in intensive care with life support after the hospital staff decided that a "drug induced coma" would be therapeutic for his "swine" flu.
Allen Smith after escaping from the hospital, with help from his family, and self treatments with orally administered vitamin C.
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Allen Smith was a farmer, which tells us much about his overall health and strength prior to being admitted to the hospital.  He had experienced flu-like symptoms, so the hospital went into high alert.  You cannot be too careful with flu, after all.  He was immediately admitted as if he had an emergency condition, and diagnosed with swine flu.  It happened during the climax of the swine flu hysteria, so anybody and everybody with a runny nose at certain hospitals was diagnosed with it.  Some hospitals in the States were outright telling their employees to assume that all flu cases were the swine flu, without any testing, because it would not be scientific to diagnose them with anything else, due to the fact that it was not officially flu season.  We are always amazed at how well doctors can bend science to show them whatever they want to see.  Panicking the populations was great for business, and something even more wonderful was that doctors and hospital administrators were getting themselves shown on television and in the newspapers!  Swine flu was definitely a win-win.  We have to keep wondering why society tolerates this system, and these kind of people.

Surprisingly soon, the doctors were saying that they did not wish to "prolong inevitable death", because the unconscious Mr. Smith had a "right to die", even if he could not consent to being killed.  There will be more details about this later.

A reader suggested that we cover this story.  It was first covered by the New Zealand branch of the 60 Minutes television news show.  Our outrage grew like a summer storm while watching the report.  It demonstrated how medical incompetence can be multiplied when all of the doctors are partnered as governmental agents via a system of socialized medicine.  It is a bitter taste of what waits for Americans with Obama-care.  Some of what we saw went beyond innocent incompetence into an evil desire to destroy a patient for having proven them wrong.  Do not assume that these dire warnings do not apply to all of us, because all of us are merely a car accident away from being at their mercy, or lack of mercy.

During his hospital stay, Allen Smith's condition tailspinned.  The doctors decided to put him into a drug induced coma, so that he could not possibly move or complain.  This would supposedly be therapeutic for him.  It was not.  The medical staff actually behaved as if they were surprised when Mr. Smith's lungs finally became saturated with pneumonia to the degree that X-rays could no longer photograph them.  Fearing for their assets, the staff soon began claiming a test proved that Allen Smith had "100% swine flu" and nothing else, when official tests had never been mentioned before, and the family had not been aware of any.  You see, it was not really pneumonia.  It was just an infection specific to his lungs that had covered his lungs entirely, and it just coincidentally behaved exactly like pneumonia, but the important thing to remember is that it wasn't.  If it had been pneumonia, then it would have proven something about the care that the patient was getting, so it is fortunate for the hospital that it was something else which merely mimicked pneumonia in every way.

With ethical and intellectual aerobics such as this, it is difficult for us to imagine that the F.D.A. and A.M.A. were not involved.  Perhaps we will discover someday that they were.  In the very least, they have undeniably provided leadership internationally that is to the detriment of people world wide.  The lesson here is that America does not have a monopoly on unethical and incompetent medicine, but it can be expected to get worse when socialized medicine completely takes away our freedom of choice.

We are just getting started concerning Allen Smith's medical "help".  While continuing to keep Smith in a drug-induced coma for months (for the flu), the hospital claimed to have discovered that Mr. Smith had hairy cell leukemia.  He suddenly had cancer too!  Yet again, the hospital staff acted surprised, as if it were abnormal for patients who are kept constantly immobile indoors, drugged, and irradiated (from testing) to develop cancers.  Of course they ran with it, for everything it was worth.  After all, cancer is the C-word of health profanity and terrorism. They had the C-bomb in their possession, and could finally rid themselves of Allen Smith and his contentious family.

The hospital staff met with the family and told them, "The type of leukemia Mr. Smith has is potentially treatable if that's all he had, however with his lung failure, he cannot survive", and then the staff stated that they did not wish to "prolong inevitable death" because the unconscious patient had "a right to die".

I have always believed that it is the solemn duty of doctors to prolong life, instead of terminating the lives of patient's whom they have pharmaceutically prevented from begging for their lives.  By this point, the Smith family had taken just about enough abuse from the hospital to begin fighting back.  When the hospital staff boldly indicated that it was planning to murder their father and husband, it was rightly interpreted as an act of war.  The Smith's call to arms should have taken place much sooner, but at least they were willing to fight in the end; which is much more than we can say about most families in a relationship with the system.  The Smith family realized that once a person is dead, it is too late to remedy mistakes, admit wrongfulness, or to take a stand for the truth.

I watched helplessly as my own family allowed doctors to poison my mother to death, and they conspired obediently to prevent me from helping her with vastly superior alternatives.  I bitterly waited for years to say, "I told you so", but now I cannot bring myself to do it.  It's game over, and everyone lost.  Meanwhile, they carried on with their own diseases that will last until their own deaths, for they are too cowardly to ever question why doctors perpetually continue with the same failed treatments, whilst somehow expecting the results to change.  They embrace the propaganda about how the orthodox medical establishment uses science, but real science does not ignore cause and effect relationships, and real science is not afraid of critical investigations.  It does not fear competition.

The sons of Allen Smith began demanding that the hospital give their father mega-doses of intravenous vitamin C before "allowing him" to die.  You can imagine how warmly the suggestion was received by the hospital.  The news report hinted that the conferences almost culminated with blows at several points.  Hospital security was likely standing nearby during each conference.  The problem was that if vitamin C demonstrated positive results, then it would speak volumes about the caliber of care that their father had been receiving for months, and about the legitimacy of allopathic medicine in general.  The doctors' faith, not science, had to be defended.  The hospital had to promote 'real medicine' for the sake of politics, its reputation, religious dogma, and for the home team.  Vitamin C was therefore a very bad thing that was to be feared, because this is how science works.  If vitamin C were to be used, then it would have to fail -- one way or another.

One of the things doctors told the family was that vitamin C was simply "not conventional enough".  What exactly was that supposed to mean?  Was it not safety tested enough?  We all know just how dangerous vitamin C is, right?  Was vitamin C just too sacrilegious against Big Medica and Big Pharma?  Was it a threat to their gospel of chemical poisons, which by the way are practically always unsafe and ineffective?  Would the gods be angry with them?  Believe it or not, the doctors actually did question whether vitamin C had been proven safe and effective against infections.  We're not even surprised anymore.  Like high priests, they decided by fiat what was right and wrong, and whether to "allow" the patient to die, whilst preventing his family from saving him.  Since the family was dealing with a socialized system, there would be no competing doctors for the family to turn to, and no compelling reason for any other doctor to intervene, unless he wanted to risk his career by rebelling against the state's medical decisions.  Troublesome doctors are tolerated even less in governmental systems.

Eventually, the doctors allowed vitamin C to be administered for only two days, just before the murder date.  On one hand, they figured that a mere two days of vitamin C would not accomplish anything and it would serve to vindicate their advanced scientific medicine; and on the other hand, the doctors were probably beginning to fear for their safety.  They had good reason to be afraid, and people like that should live in fear.

After just two days of using vitamin C, the lungs had cleared to the point where X-rays were clearly visible again, and all signs of pneumonia had virtually disappeared.  The hospital staff was not happy about the results either.  They actually tried to give themselves the credit for Smith's amazing turn-around by claiming that turning over the patient had yielded miraculous results.  Yes, they're such "miracle workers", aren't they?  This led to two significant changes in the story.  First, the family realized that the doctors were killing him, and their resolve in interfering with the doctors was emboldened.  One way or another, they would ensure his proper care, and this included vitamin C.  The second big change is that the doctors decided not to terminate the patient's life so soon.  That was really noble of them considering that he no longer even needed their life support to stay alive, which would have required much more aggressive intervention to murder him.

Allen Smith continued to improve miraculously for about a week.  Then his condition began tail-spinning again.  The family investigated changes in his care, and discovered that the hospital had secretly discontinued the intravenous vitamin C supplementation.  The doctors responded to their queries about re-administering vitamin C with open hostility and defiance.  One doctor was reported to have stared at the ceiling, arms crossed, and his eyes rolling during an entire conference with the family about it.  The behavior was mocking, and intended to belittle the family as a bunch of stupid fools.

By this time, Allen Smith's family could not be dissuaded from their quest.  War had been declared, and war is what the hospital got.  The three brothers shadowed the doctors giving them no peace until the doctors agreed to reimplement vitamin C therapy.  Fearing more favorable results, the doctors only half-heartedly kept the promise.  They rewrote Smith's prescription to be only 2 grams of vitamin C per day.  This was minuscule compared to the 50 grams that he had been receiving before.  As was to be expected, Smith's progress was very slow on this dosage, but at least the doctors could pretend that the vitamin C did very little, if anything.  The faith has to be defended at all costs, after all.

Expecting to find better treatment, the family moved Smith to a hospital closer to home as soon as he had recovered enough to travel safely.  They did not immediately realize that all of the nation's doctors are part of one big socialized governmental family that has very little patience with dissenters or alternatives.  Saving a patient who has been judged to have "a right to die" (even those who do not consent) is simply not allowed; especially when the alternative is not "conventional enough".  Such medical systems are state-mandated religious orders, with its high priests wearing sanctimonious bright white robes.  The Smiths were to be soon taught another lesson about obedience and compliance to this unholy order.

The high priests at their local hospital were about as cooperative as the former doctors were.  They had probably been warned about 'the problem family' from the previous doctors, and we can only imagine what they forwarded from their private notes.  The new doctors went so far into their dishonest games as to pretend to not know what vitamin C was.  Perhaps vitamin C had not been mentioned during their 12 years of pharmaceutical training.  By transferring Allen Smith to a nearby hospital, the Smith's assumed that they had won the war to save his life.  They only found themselves on a different battlefield, with even more people willing to kill Smith to save face.

The brothers were able to 'explain it' to the new doctors well enough to get Mr. Smith put back on a meager dosage of 2 grams a day.  It took getting a legal consultant involved and threatening a lawsuit against the hospital.  Nevertheless, the doctors still withheld all but a meager 2 grams of it daily.  At least the staff could blame any bad results on the former doctors' protocol if vitamin C proved to be too dangerous.  You know, it would be easy to find humor in this if it were not so enraging.  Mr. Smith began a slow recovery again, as was the case for the last time that he was on the same small dosage.  He was allowed to regain consciousness, which probably helped his health tremendously.  The Smith family swiftly took action, by supplying Smith with an additional 6 grams of vitamin C orally, each day.  Within 13 days, Mr. Smith walked out of the hospital unaided.  Not only was the "swine" flu gone, but moreover, the cancer (hairy cell leukemia) just disappeared.  We feel fairly certain that the doctors were soon celebrating their 'miracle work'.


New Zealand 60 Minutes Story about Family's Fight for Vitamin C

Artwork courtesy of David Dees

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